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Study of Rosina Ferrara

John Singer Sargent

Study of Rosina Ferrara - John Singer Sargent -

Title:Study of Rosina Ferrara
Painted by:John Singer Sargent
Dimensions:14.96 inch wide x 18.50 inch high

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there are pencil sketches of rosina done by john when he first met her at capri that are just breathtaking. In this oil sketch she looks older and world weary.
rosina ferrara
Posted by gilbert daroy on 6.October 2008, 04:44

The works of Sargent are breathtaking, so much so that I am placing him as one of the most brilliant artists, and ecouraging my students to learn from his work.
John Singer Sargent
Posted by Gretchen Lopez on 12.August 2009, 23:58

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